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Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the world-wide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage

IBM Australia

IBM Australia is a leading supplier of information technology, software and services in Australia. IBM solutions are designed to solve short-term business challenges, while still being flexible enough to support companies as they adapt to new opportunities in the rapidly changing online world.


Mounts Machinery builds security and flexibility through MS Windows Server technologies


Mounts Machinery today moved to the security and flexibility of Microsoft's Active Directory Services by deploying a Windows 2003 server. This promises to be a big step forward in PC security, as well as providing improved file and print services, and anti-virus deployment through Sophos Antivirus.

Mounts have made the most of the system already - deploying numerous shared business applications from auto/agricultural suppliers such as CASE, Bare-Co, and Fleetguard. The system also provides easy, secure backup and recovery of critical data such as payroll.

Management of anti-virus technology has also improved, with the latest version of Sophos Enterprise Manager providing updates as well as easy visibility into every PC on the network from one console to ensure easy management and monitoring of anti-virus updates on all PC assets.

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News Articles

SUMMERNATS 29 - JANUARY 7 - 10, 2016

Hi-Powered Networking continue to be a proud sponsor of Summernats. Hi-Powered provides Wireless LAN - amongst other services during the event. Streetmachine Services, the company that runs the Summernats Car Festival every year, has been streamlining their judging and scrutineering processes with electronic means over the past few years. Hi-Powered Networking powered wireless bridge to enable judging staff at the main judging hall, to quickly and painlessly enter judging information into a centralised database in the main office. Hope to see you there. http://www.summernats.com.au/      

Hi-Powered Software Development Pty Ltd

Hi-Powered Software Development is an offshoot company of Hi-Powered Networking, focussing on Software Development projects for Small and Medium Business. Hi-Powered Software Development also takes over the AutoDealerVision business, from Hi-Powered Networking. and Harrison Graham Technologies.      

HP RTK Systems

HP RTK systems is an emerging business catering to the DGPS precision guidance requirements of the Agricultural vehicle industry, providing cost effective solutions to precision guidance of Agricultural machinery, and in turn facilitating greater yields, lower costs, and more business intelligence in the field.      

Sophos Wins All Three Security Categories in 2015

OXFORD, U.K. August 10, 2015 – Sophos has won all three security focused categories in The Channel Company's esteemed 2015 CRN® Annual Report Card. Sophos swept the board for the second year running as the winners of "Overall Category: Client Security Software" and "Overall Category: Network Security Appliances," and extended its recognition this year adding "Overall winner: Network Security Software" to its accolades. Sophos is the only vendor to have received top ratings in all client and network security categories, demonstrating the consistency of the channel experience across its portfolio.      

Hi-Powered Networking

Attending SUMMERNATS 29 - JANUARY 7 - 10, 2016      

Westpoint Autos signs 4 site ADV:WPM contract

Westpoint Autos has become the latest in a series of dealerships keen to sign on to the new ADV:WPM service management tools.      

Bartons Holden rolls out NAS solution

Hi-Powered Networking today supplied Bartons Holden with a branch-wide NAS storage solution to meet growing needs.      

Bartons Moorooka shifts its service department into top gear with ADV:WPM

Bartons Holden today commenced a two site rollout of the AutoDealerVision Workshop Process Manager product.      

Toyota Material Handling NSW follows suit with ADV:FOM

Toyota Material Handling NSW has seen the benefits of ADV:FOM in its sister site in QLD and look forward to reaping the same benefits by deploying it in its Sydney HQ.      

Toyota Material Handling (QLD) focuses on Field Operations Management

Toyota Material Handling (QLD) today launched the new sister product to Workshop Process Manager - Field Operations Manager.      

APH Properties upgrades to business grade networking

Successful Brisbane property developer APH Properties today upgraded toa 2Mbit Business grade network solution.      

Sci-Fleet Motors rolls out ADV:WPM

Today Sci-Fleet Motors commenced is rollout of AutoDealerVision:Workshop Process Manager across 4 sites.      

Emmetts Motors adds additional VoIP enabled system

Emmetts Motors today added another branch to its Cisco CME VoIP enabled network.      

Hi-Powered Networking builds on Microsoft/Cisco Integration

Hi-Powered Networking is now offering Microsoft authentication for Cisco VPN clients.      

Denmac Ford moves to Netbox

Denmac Ford today engaged Hi-Powered Networking to deploy a Netbox solution to help combat spam and control Internet access.      

Black Group consolidates WAN with Hi-Powered and saves

Black Toyota and Black Kubota today aggregated network services across their WAN to provide a single private network featuring aggregated Internet services.      

Mackay Toyota goes live with AutoDealerVision

Mackay Toyota today became the pilot site for AutoDealerVision:Workshop Process Manager.      

James Frizelle's Auto Group Zoom-Zoom's after upgrade

James Frizelle's today commenced stage 1 in a revision and re-implementation of network services.      

Scifleet gets a feel for Voice over IP

Today, Scifleet Toyota gave the goahead to install Cisco Voice over IP at its new Taringa branch, as part of a trial for possible future telephony upgrades across the Group.      

Mounts Machinery builds security and flexibility through MS Windows Server technologies

Mounts Machinery today moved to the security and flexibility of Microsoft's Active Directory Services by deploying a Windows 2003 server.      

Scifleet Toyota moves forward with IBM, Microsoft and Citrix

Scifleet Toyota has taken steps toward a much needed improvement in its WAN solutions and business applications, through Active Directory integration, Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Citrix Presentation Server 4.0.      

Refridgeration Equipment Sales uses Cisco & Hi-Powered to push outages "below zero"!

Refridgeration Equipment Sales (RES) today rolled out phase one of its network upgrade, encorporating a Hi-Powered Networking MPN link between its head office and Albion branch.      

Scifleet Toyota rolls out Advanced MPLS & Wireless Network

Scifleet Toyota today engaged Hi-Powered Networking to assist in the rollout of its new, upgraded network. Relying heavily on Cisco LAN, WAN, and WLAN technologies, the upgrade represents a bold step forward for one of Australia's most successful Toyota dealers.      

Emmetts to build on power of RedHat and IBM x-Series

Emmetts have sought to consolidate several business applications in a migration from SCO Openserver to RedHat Enterprise server on IBM x-Series.      

Cornish's CASE-IH gets Hi-Powered Upgrade

Cornish's - the biggest Case-IH dealership in Australia - today move toward the future with Hi-Powered Networking's Powertel-based MPLS VPN networks, Cisco connectivity, and IBM x-Series server solutions.      

Black Toyota steps up its Data Connectivity

Hi-Powered Networking, along with NR Solutions, bring broadband connectivity to Queensland Regional Toyota Dealer, Black Toyota.      

Emmetts Motors - a Voice of the Future

Hi-Powered Networking and Fastwire today won a bid to deploy a Cisco IP Telephony solution for two major branches of the Emmetts John Deere dealership network.